networking against exclusion
CONTEXT, An emerging culture observatory
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context weblog [ http://straddle3.net/context/ ] is an online publication with
information on arts, science, technology, and their intersections, which aims to
appropriate and disseminate the emerging culture as a new 'art de vivre.'

their motto is taked from seattle declaration, "active, informed citizen
participation is the key to shaping the network society. a new 'public sphere'
is required."


a weblog (sometimes called a blog or a newspage or a filter) is a format -
dated log format - and content - 'log of our times' - approach for a web
site. at the same time, for us, is a research platform on real time
communication and social networks generation. context weblog acts as a filter
and context provider, track technological culture and offer digest of news on
art, science and technology, and their intersections. the info resources link
to the original sources, adopt a web-based view and face contradictory
paradigms. the flow of information is processed for sampling, mapping and
experiencing the new cultural context.

the dissemination, use and social appropriation of new technologies are creating
a new world, a world that will confront the life after the oil civilization

the worldwide coordinated protests against war were just one of the latest
manifestations of the movements that have been enabled by the internet, like
the hacker, free software, peer-to-peer or open scientific knowledge movements.
and this fundamental change is just beginning.

another world is not only possible -its happening.

this emerging technological culture acts as a synthesizer of art, science and
traditional knowledge, that in turn fuels the evolutionary change of our
species faced with planetary challenges. the networked digital information and
apps are the contemporary cultural artifacts, a shared ground for a new
planetary culture.

*but* the new context emerged since 911 events demands a clear position from
tech and sciart net communities. context weblog followed their reactions and
shared the appreciation that international understanding was more important
than ever. in general, the accent in contradictory paradigms and ethics related
topics were introduced in the context' information 'capsules.' in concret,
context introduced regularly, in their own interest areas, subjects related
with growing discrimination and racism.

for example, in the times of the guantanamo bay - camp delta and abu ghraib
prison, you can found in one of context' posts, "the practice of medicine in
nazi germany still profoundly affects modern-day medical ethics codes. how
could science be co-opted in such a way that doctors as healers evolved into
killers and medical research became torture?" in 'related context,' this
information is linked with another prior capsules that aggregates new
dimensions to the post reflecting on artworks around the subject, the science
misuse or where science ends and policy begins.


context weblog promotes inter-related iniciatives, to contribute in the
construction of the new public sphere, as openfridays, parccentralpark, or

-- in an open symbiotic process, context weblog was incubated and released with
straddle3 constructors. we are embedded and fueling a 'collective of
collectives' dynamics, particularly by means of the organization and
celebration of openfridays [ http://straddle3.net/openfridays/ ]. context
weblog try to nurture there a fluid structure for the post-web world --
presenting and relating one project to another, one group to another (ie.
riereta.net, citymine(d), rotorrr, hackitectura, platoniq...)

-- parccentralpark began as a shared iniciative of context weblog with
citymine(d), rotorrr and neighbors' organizations to recuperate an abandoned
space as an 'urban laboratory,' open to all kinds of iniciatives that give back
the public space to the city inhabitants. specifically, context weblog aimed to
applications of the new technology in/as public space (the park in the internet
and the net in the park, experiencing with a new kind of public space -
participation in fadaiat -, proposal of an access point/net space as equipment
of the park...)

-- cityborg is a cultural project oriented to build a digital open platform to
generate social networks in our mediated environments. our open basis are the
cityborg distro, a gnu/linux distribution, and the related internet node,
cityborg.net. cityborg include context weblog to track the emerging culture and
transform the news on cutting edge technologies in new features for cityborg
distro. the roots of cityborg are nurtured by the energy of the barcelona'
underground. in this 'primordial soup' we feel the need for a new cultural tool
that synthesyze and contribute to the new cultural movement (free software,
urban explorers, diyers, hackivists...)

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  • Dossier#4: Initiatives against extreme-right influence on music and youth culture
  • Dossier#3: Strategies against right-wing extremism on the net
  • Dossier#2: Racism in the stadium
  • Dossier#1: Freedom of movement

  • neuro -- networking europe

    NEURO brought together over 200 people from all over Europe in February 2004 in Munich. Read the Introduction and find out what it was about or check the NEURO website, to see who was there. The NEURO video documentation offers 10 hours of panel debates for free download.