networking against exclusion
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The aim of the Summer School is to provide its participants with an comprehensive understanding of the immigration and asylum policy of the European Union from a legal point of view.

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From 26th to 30th October 2005, the European Youth Centres in Budapest and Strasbourg organised a symposium in Strasbourg under the headline "all different - all equal". The symposium celebrated the 10th anniversary of the European Youth Campaign against racism, antisemitism, xenophobia and intolerance by marking its continuation and restart.

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Europe Direct Firenze announces the "IMAGO EUROPAE" CONTEST, which is dedicated to the theme of Intercultural Dialogue. The purpose of this contest is to focus on the importance of intercultural dialogue in the following themes: discrimination and social exclusion, racism and xenophobia, asylum and integration of immigrants, human rights and sustainable development.

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"Analysis and Strategies against Antisemitism" is an international conference in Madrid. it is organized by International Institute for Education and Research on Antisemitism (Germany), and Movement against Intolerance (Spain).

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Several thousand people marched in a counter-demonstration on Saturday, November 10th 2007, in protest against the gathering of the far-right MND group.

More than 1,500 armed police officers sealed off the Jewish quarter, where members of the far-right Movement for Young Nationalist Democrats (MND) had planned to meet.

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A 16-year old youngster has been stabbed to death by a neo-nazi in Madrid. On their way to a protest against a rally held by the racist party "Democracia Nacional", a small group of antifascists encountered some of the neo-nazis in or near a train station. A fight broke out, and Carlos Javier Palomino, a 16 year old antifascist, died from stab injuries to the heart. Another four were hospitalized — one in serious condition.

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From November 6th to 9th 2005 for the second time a youth conference for young people from all over Europe took place, where issues of discrimination, and exlusion are being discussed. As its predecessor in 2001, also this conference took place in Berlin and resulted in a declaration and an action plan, created by the conference participants.

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An increasing number of media initiatives across Europe show a wide range of different content, contexts, audience groups and local media output. The Media Literacy Conference on Novermber 11 and 12, 2005, in Berlin, invites people from these initiatives to develop a better expertise in the approach and results of their media work and to deepen democratic and direct media impetus in Europe. The topic of “Media and Social Intervention” focuses on methods and examples which helped people to develop their own critical voice through the use of independent media.

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On September 1st, the youth department of the European Comission hast started an online consultation among young people. The goal is to promote active citizenship and to implement the European Youth Pact: "We kindly ask you to participate in this open consultation and play an active part in the construction of the future European developments." The results of the consultation will be published on the European Youth Portal http://europa.eu.int/youth and will also be communicated to European and national authorities in December 2005. More information is available at:

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Network activists and friends of the medien.KUNSTLABOR http://www.kunstlabor.at/
want to travel by boat from Amsterdam to the Black Sea. Final destination of the journey is the island St.Anastasia, formerly known as Bolshevik (1945 - 1990) http://ostrov.mur.at/ . The boat is named after Franz Feigl, an Austrian artist and network activist who lived in Amsterdam and died in 2001 at a young age.

  • Dossier#5: Residency Rights for Victims of Racist Violence
  • Dossier#4: Initiatives against extreme-right influence on music and youth culture
  • Dossier#3: Strategies against right-wing extremism on the net
  • Dossier#2: Racism in the stadium
  • Dossier#1: Freedom of movement

  • neuro -- networking europe

    NEURO brought together over 200 people from all over Europe in February 2004 in Munich. Read the Introduction and find out what it was about or check the NEURO website, to see who was there. The NEURO video documentation offers 10 hours of panel debates for free download.